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Between ancient tastes and artisanal traditions: the workshop on the pecorino cheese of Monte Poro

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In the heart of Monte Poro, surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature, an unforgettable workshop experience takes place: the traditional production of pecorino di Monte Poro. An activity surrounded by authentic flavors, intense aromas and passion handed down from generation to generation.  Pecorino del Monte Poro is considered one of the finest cheeses in the Mediterranean. Begun in the 1500s, this ancient production has consolidated its reputation over time as an authentic gastronomic masterpiece, emphasizing the richness of Calabrian culinary culture.

This unique experience offers travelers from the roots the opportunity to connect with the local culture. By participating in an immersive experience in the world of sheep farming, you will be able to witness the traditional activities of sheep care and breeding, discovering the process of local cheese production.

An engaging workshop, where travelers can get their hands in the dough and learn the ancient techniques of dairy processing. The meeting with the local shepherds will further enrich the experience, offering an opportunity for genuine cultural exchange. The warm welcome by expert local artisans, true keepers of the secret of this delicious cheese, will help to make the day unforgettable.

The centuries-old history of transhumance and the production of pecorino di Monte Poro, will allow travelers of the roots to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of the laboratory, wearing the shoes of dairy masters for a day, and to learn the ancient traditions that make this a unique product in the world.

The raw material is the milk freshly milked by the sheep, an ingredient that represents the soul of this experience. The sensation of dipping your hands in fresh milk becomes a symbolic gesture that connects directly with the pastoral tradition of the surrounding hills. The heart of the business is the processing of pecorino “pasta”. Travelers are guided in the creation of the shape, following the ancient recipe step by step.

The hands are tinged with the color of cheese, the enveloping scent fills the air, creating a magical atmosphere that tells the story of centuries of craftsmanship. The experience culminates  with the tasting of the typical products and pecorino cheese of Monte Poro; with each bite, the traveler of the roots will be able to rediscover the ancient taste savored by his ancestors when, after the hard work in the fields, the farmers took out of their pockets, wrapped in a handkerchief, this poor meal, but rich in taste, thus establishing, in this way, the  A special bond with pecorino, the result of manual work and connection with the land.

Monte Poro, which rises on the Tyrrhenian side of Vibo at an altitude of 710 meters above sea level, gives the cheese a unique flavor thanks to the mild climate and varied vegetation that characterize this area. Driving along the roads of this area means encountering green pastures, vineyards and olive groves, which tell the story of a population dedicated to agriculture and livestock. A place of yesteryear, rich in charm and history, where the peasant culture still survives.

This workshop is not just a practical activity, but a celebration of the local culture, a way to preserve and pass on the traditions that make the territory unique. The convivial moments, the teamwork and the total immersion in rural life contribute to creating indelible memories, linked to the rural history of Monte Poro.

Pecorino del Monte Poro is a living expression of the land and the hardworking hands that create it, enclosing in every bite the history and soul of Calabria.

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Contrada Mortelleto, Nicotera, VV, Italia

How to get there

By car, take the A3 motorway to the Rosarno exit – Strada Grande Comunicazione Ionio/Tirreno – Provinciale to Nicotera Marina.

By train, From the major Italian cities it is possible to reach the Nicotera railway station with a single change in the nearby Rosarno station (8km away). The Nicotera railway station is located 1.8 km from the Marina and 1.3 km from the village.

By plane, nearest airport: Lamezia Terme or Reggio Calabria.

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