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So we organize a personalized travel experience, which can last one day, and in this case the itinerary will touch the country of origin and the places that recall family memories, or several days, also including a series of activities that will allow you to delve into Italian culture with its traditions.

And of course we will assist you if you want to visit other tourist places during your stay in Italy. If you are in search of your roots and want to experience an exciting trip to Italy along the thread of your history, you are in the right place.

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  • Badia Market, Bivongi
    16 August
    17 August

    Badia Market, Bivongi


    Exploring the charming streets of the village of Bivongi during the Badia Market is an experience that envelops travelers in a fascinating intertwining of history and modernity. The ancient shops and noble residences open the doors to a world rich in traditions, with an ancient oil mill, a historic pharmacy and picturesque oil shops that reveal the authentic roots of this place. The event is organized by the municipal administration of Bivongi in collaboration with the Proloco, the Council of Associations, and takes place every year on 16 and 17 August.

    Bivongi (RC)

  • Middle Ages in Borgo Roccatederighi (GR)
    02 August
    04 August

    Middle Ages in Borgo Roccatederighi (GR)


    Roccatederighi (Grosseto) hosts a three-day Medieval Festival during which the narrow streets and squares of the historic center of the town are catapulted into the past, between history, culture and popular traditions. The guides on this trip will be dozens of figures in period costumes: jesters, jugglers, street artists and tavern keepers. You will be able to admire ancient crafts, ancient games and artists of the time. It will be possible to taste medieval recipes and ancient drinks.

    Roccatederighi (GR)

  • Inflorescence of Taurianova
    16 November
    18 November

    Inflorescence of Taurianova


    The Infiorata di Taurianova was born in 2016 thanks to the twinning between the Pro Loco Taurianova nel Cuore and the Pro Loco of Noto. The theme of the fifth edition will be the "Wonders of the World" and will take place over several days.

    Taurianova (RC)

  • Guided tour of the Aspromonte National Park
    22 November
    06 December

    Guided tour of the Aspromonte National Park


    Il Parco Nazionale dell’Aspromonte è un’area protetta di circa 64.000 ettari ricadente nel territorio della Città Metropolitana di Reggio Calabria. Il Massiccio dell’Aspromonte, denominato anche Alpi Meridionali o Alpi Calabresi, è un vero concentrato di natura incontaminata e borghi antichi. La sua posizione unica, regala le emozioni dei panorami sconfinati verso il il Mar Ionio, il Mar Tirreno, lo Stretto di Messina e la Sicilia..


  • Tropea Red Onion Festival
    16 December
    21 December

    Tropea Red Onion Festival


    The Red Onion Festival that celebrates Calabria and its cuisine

    Tropea (VV)


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