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Badia Market, Bivongi

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The Badia di Bivongi Market emerges as one of the most fascinating and distinctive fairs in the province of Reggio Calabria. Numerous visitors converge from every corner of Italy to immerse themselves in this extraordinary experience. The nocturnal atmosphere, caressed by the light that draws the labyrinth of narrow streets, gives an enchanting sensation, almost transporting the participants to an evocative medieval setting. The dances, the traditional costumes, the local artists and the warm participation of the residents contribute to give this event a unique and unrepeatable character.

Walking through the narrow streets, the traveller of the roots can discover the small factories once animated by the trio and great-grandmothers, who with the “fardale” on their heads traveled kilometers between valley, hill and mountain, carrying food, water and wood without stopping. These ancient crafts are eye-catching, offering visitors a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a fascinating and authentic past. It is not uncommon for some tourists, fascinated by the charm of these ancient crafts, to decide to take home an authentic handcrafted basket as an indelible souvenir of their trip.

Continuing the exploration, a sumptuous noble house, now open to the public, is home to four sisters who exhibit their crochet masterpieces under the name “Fili d’Acqua”. These works of art, the result of a passion handed down through generations, offer visitors a journey through time, telling the story of aunts, mothers and grandmothers who have preserved and transformed the tradition of crochet into authentic creations.

Ultimately, Bivongi proves to be an irresistible destination for travelers eager to immerse themselves in the history, craft traditions and unique atmosphere of a village that jealously guards its cultural heritage.

The fair also stands out for the variety of products, which have brought out the Calabrian town with particular emphasis on delicacies such as wine and oil, authentic local excellences that are in high demand.

The event is further enriched thanks to a fusion of art, shows and urban trekking routes, thus offering a complete experience that goes beyond the simple display of products. A combination of tradition, culture and entertainment that elevates the Badia di Bivongi Market to an unmissable stop, transforming its narrow streets into a lively and engaging stage for passionate visitors from all over the country.


16 August 24

17 August 24


16:00 - 02:00

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Bivongi, RC, Italia

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