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Itinerant Italian lessons: an immersive experience in the Italian language and one's origins

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Our “Itinerant Italian Workshop” is designed especially for you, eager to explore your Italian origins through an engaging and immersive experience in the language and culture.

Itinerant Italian lessons: a practical and interactive experience

Our journey begins with exciting itinerant Italian lessons, where you will have the opportunity to actively practice the language. On walking tours, you’ll immerse yourself in the local culture by taking hands-on classes at markets, bars, and other places frequented by locals. This approach provides a real context for learning the language, allowing you to interact with locals and improve your language skills in everyday situations, enriching your vocabulary in a practical and dynamic way.

Genealogy and Photographic Documentation Workshop: Discovering Your Roots

A distinctive element of our program is the “Laboratory of Genealogy and Photographic Documentation”. You will be encouraged to collect documents, photographs and family stories, discovering the stories behind your origins and thus creating a treasure trove of memories shared with the group. This process will stimulate conversation in Italian, creating a deep personal connection with your journey of roots, an exciting and meaningful experience.

Creating a Personal Local Guide: Exploring and Sharing Your Experiences

Along the way, you will have the unique opportunity to create your own “Personal Local Guide”. This engaging activity involves gathering information about the explored community, places of historical, cultural and gastronomic interest. You will contribute to the creation of this guide, incorporating the Italian language learned during the lessons and interactions in the area. The guide will thus become a valuable travel companion, witness to your personal experiences and containing genuine information about the explored community. This project will consolidate your language skills, giving you a unique perspective on the local culture through your own eyes.

Creating a Dictionary of Family Dialects: Preserving Linguistic Identity

Another interesting aspect of this linguistic experience is the creation of a “Dictionary of Family Dialects”. You will have the opportunity to collect and document expressions and idioms specific to your families of origin, helping to preserve and celebrate linguistic diversity within the group and creating a unique link between your family roots and the Italian language.

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3 hours

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Contrada Pipedo, Riace Marina, Riace RC, Italia

How to get there

Take the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, exit at the Lamezia Terme/Catanzaro junction, take the SS 280 state road to Catanzaro, continue along the SS19 state road to Catanzaro lido, take the SS106 state road to Marina di Riace

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Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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